Shrunkin" Head on a string
Shrunkin" Head on a string
Shrunkin" Head on a string
Shrunkin" Head on a string
Shrunkin" Head on a string
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Shrunkin" Head on a string

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Don't stress about the stigma attached to shrunkin' heads, these little ones are very happy little ones. No voodoo or hex of any kind are placed on these........with that being said.....let me tell you about them.


These little guys (or gals, it is so hard to tell at this stage) are 100% handmade by me and are definitely one of a kind, no molds were used.

What attitude and look you get is up to chance.

Made from a greenish grey polymer clay and then painted with different colors for a little extra "dead" look. Eyes are always a light color that varies from blues, greens, reddish and yellows (and so it doesn't freak you out, their eyes will glow in the dark). They have a bit of red stain and finished off with a gel that gives it a gooey wet look. Hair was made with either fur or yarn and some are a mixture of both, either way it is wild. Your shrunkin' head will come with a clear plastic cord already stung, which is perfect for hanging from your rear view mirror or something like that. If you untie the hair I have placed a small hook on the top of their heads that can be changed out depending on where you are going to hang it. Would make a great necklace in my opinion.

*** These are made at the time of order....PLEASE allow few days extra for this***

They range from about 1 1/2" to 2" for just the head with the hair it is more about 4" long.

In this listing you will get one shrunkin' head, they may differ from the above photos but they are all similar.

If you have any question or comments PLEASE just ask.

I will ship outside of the US but due to shipping charges changing all the time , just convo me with your address and I will get a shipping charge for you.

Thank you for visiting!