Evil Landlord - Flesh of Gods
Dream Slayer - Flesh of Gods
Dream Slayer - Flesh of Gods
Evil Landlord - Flesh of Gods
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Evil Landlord - Flesh of Gods

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**This listing is for one UNPAINTED resin print.**

***Flesh of Gods has made this in 32 scale (medium 25mm base) so if you need that for table gaming.....please make sure you select 32 scale as your size.

Evil Landlord
This print will be measured from top to bottom, the entire height of the print.
If you need a certain size or have any questions....PLEASE ask!
25mm = One inch
I do not know or follow table gaming measurements

The above pictures are of "Flesh of Gods" painted and finished product.


If the file has a base and/or multiple pieces (wings, arms, heads, etc.) I will send it UNGLUED unless otherwise stated in the comments. If the item has a very delicate part, supports may be left attached for stability during shipping.

PRIMED - If you need it primed I will have a separate listing to get primer added to your resin print. This is NOT painting the print I will just be airbrushing on primer (a solid colored undercoat) to make it easier for you to get it painted. I can't guarantee the resin will accept paint if not primed.

I start printing at the time of the order, and anyone who knows printing can tell you it can be a slow and tedious process (and prints can fail from time to time) so please allow 1-3 days to get it ready to ship out. 3D printing is not perfect and small imperfections or possible printing artifacts can occur. I do my best to fix anything I find. I would never send a print out that I wouldn't proudly display in my house.

I mainly use a light or dark grey resin, depending on which printer I use. All are printed on a 12k resolution printer. My steps are to print, clean, remove supports, clean again, uv cure for a durable print, check again for any possible flaws.

Shrunk It is a licensed merchant to sell physical print from Flesh of Gods:


If you have ANY problem with your order PLEASE contact me to make it right, before you leave any review. I take customer satisfaction very seriously!